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Obtain your new Citizenship in the Nature's paradise

Introduction : With prohibitive taxation, control of private capital and travel restrictions becoming more prevalent in many parts of the world, people of substance are seeking alternatives to enable them to protect their assets and income and to travel more freely throughout the world.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is offering Economic Citizenship with Citizenship, Passports, and Permanent Residence to a limited number of qualified applicants through Government sponsored investment legislation.

Why Dominica Citizenship?

  • Heavenly peaceful island of Dominica with kind-hearted and friendly inhabitants.
  • Citizenship for Life - for applicant and eligible family members.
  • Dual Citizenship - is permitted and there is no residence requirement.
  • Passports - 10 year validity for adults; 5 year validity for children under 16 years of age. All passport holders have the right to renew as "Citizens".
  • Visa-Free Travel - to more than 100 countries including United Kingdom, Singapore and most British Commonwealth member countries. Where a visa is required, they are relatively easy to obtain.
  • Tax Free Status - on Foreign Income, Capital Gains, Gift, Wealth and Inheritance Tax.
  • As a citizen of Dominica, it is easier to obtain Work / Residence permits in a great number of countries.
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 Why us?

  • We are the most reliable Dominica Government Approved Economic Citizenship Agent
  • We got extraordinary efficient system and highly skilled lawyers and set of professional advisors, who are taking care of your applications and getting you through the whole process, hassle-free.
  • We reduce the cost of telecommunication and unnecessary travels back and forth.
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