Dual Citizenship has been in growing demand with Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program being the most popular among the investors due to its wealth of benefits and privileges. Dominica passport opens a world of opportunity, freedom and prosperity. There are many undeniably attractive benefits that you become eligible to being a Dominica passport holder:
Investment in Property:
Second passport allows you to invest in property of either or both countries, making your travel back and forth affordable. Land ownership in economically well-established country is a privilege as it is often restricted to nationals and leads to higher returns and rewards for international investors.
Visa-Free Travel:
Dominica passport gives visa-free access to more than 135 countries around the world including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and the European Schengen States. Most countries do not have very strong passports, which impose limitations on its resident’s ability to travel. Moreover, holders of weak passports have to go through long and extensive paperwork, and attend embassy meetings for their entry into developed nations. If you are someone who wants to enhance your access to more than hundred countries around the world, and improve your ability to communicate, work and do business, then Dominica passport is your chance to live this dream.
Retirement Planning:
If you are in the mid of your career, and you aim to plan your own exit strategy, peace of mind and wealthy retirement, then Citizenship by Investment Programs provide access to live and retire on islands like Saint Kitts and Nevis or Dominica with little to no taxes, allowing you to migrate from your home country’s expensive tax system.
Higher Education Opportunity:
Dominica second passport can open doors of opportunities for students to pursue their education in developed nations. As a student, your expense to study abroad will diminish massively with no cost to apply for visas, access to healthcare and eligibility to attend schools at the tuition rate offered to citizens instead of the international tuition rate. It provides an ease to students to pre-visit the country before making the university selection and see if it can be a good choice for their future.
Business Growth:
The Dominica second citizenship helps you enter the world of financial opportunities available across the globe by letting you expand your business on an international level. It allows you to build healthy connection in well-established nations and take your career or business growth to next level. It gives you a freedom to take yourself out from heavy-handed governments and be where entrepreneurship is encouraged.
Political Rights:
Dual citizenship gives you access to influence decisions at local and international levels with a right to vote and enjoy social rights for citizens, often health care, education, and social services. You can participate in all those things that a citizen of that country is eligible for.
Get free consultation from citizenship experts and allow yourself out of the social confines of a single country or email at: info@newcitizenship.org
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