Procedure for Citizenship

    In summary, there are four main steps to apply and obtain the Dominica citizenship-by-investment program and passport:

  • Initial application form submission and settling advanced payments.
  • Collecting and correcting documents– We help you on collecting and supplying right documents
  • Taking care of official investigations – We will locally follow up for due-diligence process and respond to official queries by our skilled local lawyers, until getting the due diligence approval.
  • Final payment and issuing naturalization certification and passport – We prepare you for a successful interview and send your passport to you.

We would suggest you to read these steps carefully and make yourself familiar with them.

Step ONE

Click here to initiate your Dominica Passport application by filling the initial application form. This form is capturing your basic information and you will get the initial payment instructions.

Step TWO

After you have paid the initial legal fees, we’ll get you through the steps of the collection of official documents and then lead you to complete the required paper works for the due-diligence agency.

For this reason, we start by officially registering your request, making the payments and provide you with various forms. You fill the forms, and mail it back to us via registered mail service. Depend on the information you provide in the initial forms we will assist you to on other required documents and we will guide you step by step through filling, organizing and collecting the documents.
You must mail the requested documents of yours and all members of your family who are including the application by registered mail or courier.
We will get through your the documents carefully and will advise you if they need any corrections.
When the documents are ready, we will officially present them to the due-diligence and the Dominica government officials and we will make required payments.


We then will assist you to fill the “Form 12”, “Disclosure Form”, formal letters and “Medical Form”.
Your documents are being sent for investigation by a detective agency. The government of Dominica authorizes and appoints the detective agency to perform due-diligence on applications for Dominica’s economic citizenship.
We are in touch with the detectives and will answer their questions in your behalf.

In some unlikely events the detective agency needs to investigate specific issues which will cost beyond normal. In such rare cases, they will send their price quote for the required investigation on that particular cases. In this case, you need to directly pay this extra investigation cost into the detective agency account.

It should take about one month for the results of the due-diligence agency.


After receiving the results of due diligence, the Government of Dominica will issue the approval letter after which the process of naturalization will start.

The government of Dominica will issue the “Certificate of Naturalization” under the citizenship by investment program and your “Dominica Passport” will be issued. We will deliver your Dominica passport and citizenship documents to you.

Please accept our congratulation on becoming a citizen of a free, beautiful and tax-free frontally and enjoy your new passport, which is giving you freedom to travel!

Required Documents

List of Required Documents:


  • Passport(s) copy/copies and Driving License(s).
  • Birth certificate(s) and Identity card(s).
  • Marriage certificate / Divorce certificate “if any”.
  • Letter of Employment or Trade License and Financial Statement for self-employed.
  • Education Certificate(s) and letter from school/university for any student(s).
  • Police report(s) from country of origin/residence(s) for who 16 years old & above.
  • Military certificate.
  • Eight passport photos “white background and dark dress”
  • Bank Reference letter
  • One-year bank statement.
  • Proof of Address.
  • Two personal character references
  • One professional reference.


  • Form D1, Disclosure Form.
  • Form D2, Fingerprint and signature.
  • Form D3, Investment Form.
  • Form D4, Medical Form along with lab test.
  • Form12, Two original forms.

Note 1:
All the documents have to be in English or have to be translated by the Certified Interpreter and duly notarized.

Note 2:
This is not an exclusive list of documents required for the Citizenship application. Occasionally, the local authorities might require additional documents or information during the application process.

Important notice:
All your information are kept very secure and wont be revealed to any third party. The Government of Dominica is very careful and sensitive about this.

This is the most up-to-date and accurate citizenship by investment program procedure performed by Government of Dominica.

Apply For The Dominica Citizenship by Investment!


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