Get Citizenship in Dominica by Investment

Programs of granting citizenship (and passport) in exchange of the investments exist in many countries. The program is used by the government to fund national projects.
Absolutely, the citizenship-by-investment program is legal. The Citizenship Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica was established by an Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Citizenship Act, Chapter 1:10, Section 8 (2) (e). Under the Act the Minister is allowed to waive the residency requirement for persons investing in Dominica. The investment requirements have been established by the Government.
There are fundamental differences between residency permit (migration) and granting citizenship (naturalization) through investment.
Residency permits are often time limited and you need to maintain several conditions to keep them valid.
Under residency permission, you will have limited right to live, involvement, business and travel and most of the most of the citizen rights are applicable to you.
However, as a citizen (or national) you have every single right of a Dominican who is citizen by decent or birth. You are no longer limited in time and place, or business and travel or involvement. You may even consider very high level positions in government.
Residency Permits are often expiring if you are out of country for more than 6 months, when citizenship is forever, transferring to your children and their children.
In some countries where staying for a specific time is required to apply for citizenship, this process takes several years. While the economic citizenship program waiver for the condition of pre-residence.
No. You neither need to stay in Dominica before your application is made, nor after the citizenship and the passport are granted. You can continue to live wherever you like.
Dominica is tax heaven and your Dominica citizenship is your key to preserve your wealth. There are no capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance taxes. There is also no tax for any income from outside of the Dominica’s borders.
Of course, you can. You are free to deal with whatever bank you like. Obviously, banks have their own regulations, which might be applicable to you.
Yes. As a legal citizen of the country, you may lawfully buy, lease or sell whatever you choose, as long as it is not against law.
You are a legal citizen of Dominica. You and your family have every right that every other Dominican citizen has. Including education rights.
There is no restriction of where you choose to live or travel. You may travel with your previous passport or your new nationality and Dominica passport. (Please check your country regulations.)
Dominica won’t report your new nationality to your previous country. If you travel with your Dominica passport, then you are protected as a Dominican citizen abroad. Otherwise, if you use your previous passport, you may be under regulations for that country’s citizens.
You and your family will be permanent citizens of Dominica forever. The passport itself (as a document) is set to be renewed every ten (10) years (or if it’s used up earlier).

– Years of successful experience and full knowledge of all requirements by officials.
– Your application is being prepared perfectly right under our skillful supervision.
– Our high-skill, well experienced lawyers are locally reside in Dominica to follow up the cases and quickly respond to officials.
– Much faster follow up and quicker results as we are following every case manually and locally.
– Priceless advices and assistance during the production of the documents.
– Organizing and assisting you through your travel and stay for interview.
– Introduction and preparing you for a successful interview before and during the interview.
– After citizenship services.

After citizenship, we can assist you to set up your business, forming your company, opening your bank account and assisting you to obtain driving license and many more for any legal support.
The application processing fees, stamp, postage and other legal charges are not refundable. But the government donation “Investment” which is payable after getting the comfort letter is refundable if the application is rejected.
There are more than 100 countries, which you can travel visa-free, including United Kingdom, Singapore (most British Commonwealth member countries) and also some European countries. Where a visa is required, they are relatively easy to obtain. Check the complete list here.
For northern American countries (i.e. USA and Canada), and Schengen the visa processing is very quick and can be done from across the world.
On normal application, it takes 6 to 12 months. On Urgent request, it is taking about 4 months. To obtain more detailed information on cost and duration, please visit our web site
You may verify our status as a legitimate agent through one of Dominica’s embassies. However the embassies can’t process applications; only the assigned agents such as us can do so. And you can check our status through the government official web site using the following link

Yes. You may choose to have one of our certified interpreters available to you on the interview session. We will help you to learn a few useful sentences anyway.
We consider these cases independently and individually. As a general rule, you need to attend the interview and if you need to travel to another country for that, then you most probably require a passport.
However, you should contact us and we will consider your case carefully and helpfully.
Theoretically No. But our successful experience over the years is our reliable support. Our very highly skilled lawyers in UK, UAE, USA and Dominica are directing your application as best as it could go. Therefore, if you don’t have any of these issues, we will get you through smoothly, most probably.
If you provide false document, or have a serious criminal history, or any issue with Interpol there are high risks of rejection. Once false information will be discovered, they possibly could be ground for prosecution even after citizenship is granted.
If your application is refused, your final payment will be returned.
No. This is Economic Citizenship program and by law, it requires you to fulfill financial requirements.
Although we appreciate that, but this is Economic Citizenship program and it requires you to fulfill financial requirements by law, as anyone else does.
No. As per government of Dominica, Applications must be submitted through an Authorised Agent.
From submission of the required documents to the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the processing time is approximately 8-12 weeks.
This reputable programme has been running since 1993 and is established and experienced in processing applications. It has quick processing times and offers the most affordable route to full, legal citizenship of any of the Citizenship by Investment Programmes in the world.
The application process is confidential, with no disclosure of or exchange of information, except where necessary checks are to be carried out by an authorised due diligence agency.
There is no requirement to travel to Dominica as part of the application process, however we encourage individuals to visit Dominica. If an interview is required, it would usually be held in Dominica. However, should the applicant be unable to attend an interview in Dominica, interviews may be held at certain centres outside of Dominica, subject to the applicant paying the applicable costs.
No. You do not have to reside in Dominica before or after citizenship is granted under the Programme.
No. The application forms for Citizenship by Investment can only be obtained through an authorised agent.
No. All applications must be in English.
A Police Clearance Certificate is a document provided by a law enforcement agency confirming the absence of a criminal record.
Upon final approval of citizenship, each applicant is required to sign an Oath of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Dominica. The oath must be signed before a Notary Public, Justice of Peace or Commissioner of Oaths.
There is currently no mandatory interview requirement for the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Program, however, an interview may be required at the discretion of the government.
International travellers from Europe and the USA arrive in Dominica through transit hubs in Antigua, Barbados, St Maarten, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Dominica’s main and larger airport is Melville Hall (DOM) which accommodates commercial airlines and has an updated terminal. Canefield Airport (DCF) currently serves only courier services and private charters. For more information your trip to Dominica, please see here.
Everywhere. The passport that you obtain as a Citizen by Investment is a fully legal passport, and is universally recognised by all state parties to the UN.
Yes, the laws of Dominica recognise and allow dual citizenship and you are not required to renounce your other citizenships. Further more, Dominica does not notify authorities of your country of residence or citizenship on your Dominican citizenship. You are not required to reside in Dominica to keep your citizen’s status.
With a Dominican passport, you can travel visa-free to more than hundred countries, including the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland. You will have the right to live and work in Dominica at any time. As Dominica is a member of CARICOM, you can also live in any other member nation. Holders of a Dominican passport, like all Caribbean countries, do require a visa to enter the United States, as they are not a member of the Visa Waiver Program.
All Dominican passports are valid for up to 10 years. Passports for children under 16 years old are issued for 5 years.
Expired passports or those with no free pages can be easily renewed for a fee at the Passport and Immigration Department in Dominica or through any Dominican Consulate (with no need to personally travel to Dominica or its Consulates).
As part of the laws of Dominica, citizens are entitled to a passport.
Yes, as long as you held the property for the required number of years after obtaining your citizenship.
No, you don’t have to visit Dominica to renew your passport. You can renew your passport at Passport and Immigration Department in Dominica or through any Dominican Consulate and may simply give your primary residence as address.